Maybe it is because New York is such a populated city or such a diverse state, but we are asked quite often "What kind of fundraising events work best in New York?"

Suggested New York Fundraisers

When you think of the state of New York, or New York City you kind of figure that everything you could ever want is available at the local stores. And quite possibly from a store no further than just around the corner. So what does a New York group do for a fundraiser? Here are some suggestions:

  • Pizza Discount Cards - Just about every family in America loves good pizza, and that is certainly true in New York. Make your fundraising event special by getting a local pizza establishment to advertise for free on a custom fundraising discount card for your organization. Include information on the card about your group and its fundraising efforts. Typically the merchant will provide a buy one get one free offer. With that kind of offer, your group will make Big Apple profits selling the cards. Your fundraising supporters - the buyers of the cards will enjoy the free pizza and the merchant will love the additional traffic the discount cards generate. Pizza discount cards are at the top of the list of suggestions for New York groups wanting a profitable fundraiser.
  • Scratch Card Fundraising - New Yorkers like to support their local community. A scratch card program can raise funds and support New York. Scratch card programs can also be a highly profitable fundraiser. Participants get New Yorkers who would like to support your fundraising efforts to scratch off 2 of 50 concealed dots on a scratch card revealing amounts from $.50 to $3.00. Then they ask for that amount as a donation. In return the donors are given a valuable sheet of coupons from national sponsors as a thank you gift. In New York fundraising groups can sign up local merchants and have a customized Big Apple coupon sheet created just for them. Each scratch card raises $100 and costs as little as $10 each.