You just joined the PTA and you need a fundraising idea for schools.

School fundraisers are necessary even though many people and parents complain that the local school is always fund raising. But the fact of the matter is that the money raised through school fundraisers goes to pay for things that might not be afforded otherwise. In fact, schools can offer field trips and computers and other extras that are definitely not in the budget only after coming up with good fundraising ideas for schools.

Schools are always trying to find different fund raising ideas so that they have fundraising events that offer something people will support. Bake sales and car washes are some of the great old school fund raising ideas. But they quite often do not provide the desired results.

Lots of elementary schools hold carnivals and spaghetti suppers as large scale fundraising ideas. These events can raise lots of money but also take dedicated volunteers lots of time to plan and implement.

Many school groups say they begin work on next year?s event before they are finished counting the money from this year?s. One of the most popular fundraiser idea for schools is selling cookie dough. Most everyone loves the taste of freshly baked cookies. They are easy to sell and often become annual events people in the neighborhood look forward to. In fact, some school offices get occasional phone calls asking when they will be selling that cookie again. That?s the kind of product you want your school to be selling.

The fall is the busiest time of years for school fundraisers. Most people agree that supporters will spend more money on fundraisers if you offer a product they can purchase as holiday gifts. Make sure your group takes that into consideration and advertises the benefits of giving your fundraising products as gifts. That will increase sales substantially. Another popular fund raising idea is to sell discount cards or coupon booklets. Discount cards typically offer special deals from local merchants around your school. The front of the card will have graphics about your school so people know they are supporting the school when they purchase cards. But the great thing about discount cards is the real value people get from them. They typically pay $10 per card. Quite often there are 12 or more offers on the back of the card and many may be worth the $10 spent if taken advantage of even once.