If you are looking for some fantastic fundraising ideas for a mission trip, you are probably feeling a little bit anxious about how things are going to play out.

It's easy enough when there is enough money coming in from the congregation to cover all the costs of the trip, but these days that is very rarely the case, and with travel expenses being so ridiculously high these days, you may find that you will have to come up with a substantial amount of money on your own so that your missionaries can head out with the knowledge that all their expenses are covered, and they can just concentrate on the work at hand.

Our Journey of Faith Fundraising Candles may be just the thing you need to get your fundraising effort off the ground. These are perfect fundraising ideas for a mission trip, because the theme behind the candles reflects the spirit in which you are undertaking your trip. Each beautiful, scented candle highlights a verse from scripture, and will remind your supporters what it's all about - spreading the word. This is a truly appropriate mission trip fundraiser, as you can make money while sharing the glory of His name. If you want something that will help your smaller group maximize profits, you can go with something like our Christian scratch cards instead. These are great fundraising ideas for a mission trip that is on a smaller scale, if you have a fundraising team that needs to make the most of the resources they have and keep costs down at the same time. With no minimum orders and profits of up to 90%, you can see exactly how these kinds of fundraising ideas for a mission trip could help your fundraising team reach all of its goals in a minimum amount of time.