If you are trying to get some extra money together to help your organization keep its head above water, this couldn't be a more appropriate time for a fundraiser. Fundraising ideas for organizations needing a little boost are everywhere, but knowing which sorts of fundraisers will work well for your group can be tricky. There's a bit of planning you have to do in advance to get your ducks in a row before you start looking at fundraising ideas, but none of it is rocket science, and even if you've never led a fundraising effort before, with a little pre-planning you can get the job done more successfully than you ever imagined. The first step in coming up with fundraising ideas for organizations is figuring out exactly what you need. This may sound obvious, but so many times when organizations are short on money, people panic and they just think that they want to make as much money as possible. Rest assured that if you set out without a clear goal, you are unlikely to do very well, as you don't know what you're aiming for. So sit down and do the math, figure out exactly how much it is you expect to make minimum, and then count up the number of people in your fundraising team to figure out what each person needs to be responsible for. This will give everyone a clear goal. Fundraising ideas for organizations range from large-scale fundraisers like events and carnivals, to more modest undertakings like direct sale fundraisers. A lot depends on how much you need, and of course fundraisers can be combined to maximize your profits. Some of the best fundraising ideas for organizations are the ones where several ideas come together into one - check out our pages of direct sale and pre sale fundraisers to get some inspiration.