Is fundraising with your team like pulling teeth? If your team is in a rut with raising money, then consider making it a competition. You know they respond well to competition, so give them something to work toward.

First, pick a fundraiser. Find a team fundraiser that will be easy for everyone to sell. Cookie dough, candles, or pizza cards are great team fundraiser ideas for most average teams. You can also compete with scratch cards.

Second, divide the teams. Maybe it will be first string against second string players. If it is a coed team, divide by gender. You can do two separate teams, or let them chose their own teams ? as long as they are even numbers.

Third, set the stakes. What is a competition without a prize? Find something that is little to no cost (since you are trying to RAISE money), and that everyone would want. Is there a part of practice that everyone loathes (towel pushes, running laps) ? give the winning team the opportunity to skip that part of practice when they sell the most items, or raise the most money. Or make the losing team help the winning team with a team chore.

Fourth, stir things up. Keep a chart with each team's progress. Nothing stirs competition like being able to see how close you are to winning. If things start to slow down, or there is a tie, push the prize. Add some sort of bonus for the winning team.

Team fundraising can be a really fun way to get your team motivated about the year, and another easy way to work on teamwork.