The management of all financials ventures including fundraising is best handled these days with the proper software. Fundraising and management software has become as common place in some areas of fundraising as candy is in others.

Interested in Software for Your Fund Raising Venture

The right software focuses on the management of donors, cash flow, follow up and other administrative functions of fundraising that can be burdensome to handle manually. Today, nonprofit organizations need to focus on their mission statements and not on data management. That's why fundraising software should be considered. Easy Fundraising Ideas is not in the business of providing fundraising software. We however, hope to help those who visit our site and are interested in software by offering them some insight into what we have learned.

Fundraising Software Options

Nothing is more critical to the success of your mission than growing relationships with donors, volunteers, foundations and other constituents. For twenty years, DonorPerfect says they have provided the software tools needed to achieve your fundraising goals. They say more focused solicitations reap better results! So their software allows you to simply select or create a filter based on the constituents or giving history you want, including timing and frequency of giving. Then you can personalize all your fundraising communications by merging into mailings, emails, faxes and more!

Kintera is another company that says it is dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations fulfill their mission by providing Knowledge Interaction technology to build vibrant communities of supporters, beneficiaries and staff. By sharing a set of dynamic data and content, organizations can motivate and engage community members to achieve marketing, programming and fundraising success. With leading edge technology and innovative leadership, Kintera is committed to making a difference in the nonprofit sector. More than 15,000 organizations of all sizes in the nonprofit, government and corporate sectors use Kintera's award-winning technology and services to manage marketing, communications, programs, services and fundraising. Built with input from thousands of nonprofit professionals and volunteers, Kintera Sphere has a unified database and workflow tools that set the industry standard. Kintera's technology enables volunteers, members, donors and staff to share real-time data and information to foster a powerful sense of community and achieve common goals. Content production, personalized communications, advocacy and delivery of programs and services within the community fuel growth and promote your organization's mission.

GiftWorks 2006 allows you to easily create valuable, highly targeted lists of your donors, supporters, and prospects through SmartLists. You might know these as "queries", which is a rather technical way of talking about lists. Mission Research GiftWorks 2006 makes creating lists very easy, with no technical language or training needed. GiftWorks calls its "queries" "SmartLists", which is a bit easier to understand if you aren't technically inclined (many of us aren't!). A query describes how you get the results you want; it's the technical process of getting there. Lists are the results you want - the list of donors, contacts, pledges, or donations you'd like to see. In GiftWorks, these lists are called SmartLists. Building SmartLists is quite easy. GiftWorks 2006 is easy to use because it's easy to understand. You can send email to any donor, or to any SmartList.

Do you need to send a quick letter to your donors? It's easy-just Send Mail to any SmartList. Or add any SmartList to your own mailing lists. You can create your own mailing lists in the Mailing Center. GiftWorks ships with some convenient built-in SmartLists to help you get started right away!

Creating Labels and Envelopes is simple-simply click on Print Labels or Print Envelopes next to any SmartList, and select from a large database of labels, including the popular Avery 5160 label type. Format your labels with ease to make them look the way you want them to. Once you create a SmartList of donors-now what? GiftWorks 2006 allows you to run robust reports on any SmartList. You can customize each report. It is simple, fast, and powerful.

More Fundraising Software Information to Come

We are committed to bringing you more fundraising software information on the following topics over the next few months: