Quick. How many people do you know that drink coffee? How many people sit in line at Starbucks waiting for their favorite drink?

Thanks why Fundraising with Coffee makes so much sense.

But what is the best coffee fundraiser? That depends on your group and who you are selling to.

We offer two different coffee fundraising programs. Here are the basic differences and benefits of each:

1. Coffee Brochure Fundraiser. This is the easy way to start fundraising with coffee because there is no upfront cost to get started. We give each member of your group a free brochure, order form and cash collection envelope. They use those order forms to get friends and family to purchase coffee from them. The brochure also includes some of the best selling teas too.

People choose their favorite coffee and tea and place orders. You collect payment from them at the time of the sale. At the end of your sale you tally together all of the orders and place a bulk order. You can use the proceeds from your fundraiser to pay for your coffee and tea. This programs makes fundraising with coffee and tea risk free.

2. $1 Coffee Backpacks. For people and groups that feel better about having a product on hand to give to their customers at the time of the sale we offer this great program.

Each person who is raising money is given one or more back packs that contain one pot packets of a selection of coffee flavors. The packets sell for $1. Most customers are happy to purchase 5 or more packets since the price is so inexpensive. In fact $1 items have proven to be very effective price points in fundraising.

As you can see there is no reason every group should not consider fundraising with coffee.