Learning languages is not the priority it once was for most schools. The budgets for language departments are not even close to what they were in decades past. Nowadays, things like the Spanish club have to come up with their own ideas for funding, to make up for where school budgets lack.

Language clubs are quite competitive, and many times the students will need to travel out of town or even out of state to attend competitions. As well, the club may choose to take the students on a cultural trip at the end of the year, and this will involve significant travel expenses. Spanish club fundraising is a great way to make sure that all of these costs get covered without too much burden on the individual students and their families.

Spanish club fundraising can have various challenges, depending on the size of your club and what your monetary goals are. If your club is a large one with a lot of selling power, you have a lot of options for fundraisers, as you won't be so concerned about making minimum orders.

For smaller Spanish clubs, you'll want to stick to high-profit ideas with low or no minimums, and no shipping charges. Luckily, there are plenty of different types of Spanish club fundraising ideas out there, so you will not have any shortage of fundraisers to choose from. Chocolate fundraisers are a great all-around idea for Spanish club fundraising, especially if the school will allow the students to sell the chocolate on campus.

Having chocolate available during lunch periods or after school is a great way to get your fundraiser some momentum, and then any additional sales you can get outside of the school will just be extra profit for you. Chocolate fundraisers are a perennial favorite with school clubs, and your Spanish club fundraising effort could really benefit if you expect your supporters to be mostly students.