People who play rugby are there to have fun and enjoy the sport, but they're also very much in it to win it. Rugby players are dedicated athletes who know what it means to give it their all. When financial need strikes, it may be necessary to host a rugby fundraiser to get the team back on track.

After all, uniforms and safety equipment cost money, and traveling for away games isn't free, either. You want your team to have everything it needs, and a rugby fundraiser can be the perfect solution to drum up some team spirit and make some money along the way.

Some teams feel a sense of anxiety or even failure if they need to have a rugby fundraiser, but not only is it not anything to feel bad about, there are plenty of reasons to feel good about it.

For one thing, fundraising fosters a sense of teamwork in a way nothing else can. This is a perfect opportunity for the players to bond outside the context of the sport. Also, fundraising is doing something positive for your team, not just in terms of money, but also in terms of awareness. Telling the public what you do and why you do it is one of the great side effects of having a rugby fundraiser.

Put some thought into choosing your rugby fundraiser, and you can hardly go wrong. You want something that matches up with your team's size and personality. Perhaps you'd like to go for a catalogue fundraiser, where the team members take orders and collect the money without you having to purchase products upfront.

For smaller teams that need to maximize their profits, you'll want to be sure you choose a rugby fundraiser that has low or no minimum orders, and no shipping charges. Have a look through our wide variety of sports fundraisers, and see which ones would go well with your team.