You probably already knew this day would come... you've got to come up with some fraternity fundraiser ideas for your school's chapter. If you're brand new to fundraising, or even if you remember a thing or two from your fundraising days in high school, it can still be useful to get to grips with some specific fraternity fundraiser ideas that are tried and tested. After all, you have some money that needs to be raised, and the best case scenario would be if you could have some fun at the same time.

There is no particular right way to choose a fraternity fundraiser idea, but rather there are some guidelines you can use that will help you decide which is the best fraternity fundraiser for your chapter. Almost any fundraiser can go well for any group of people if you set it up the right way. And the way to go about doing that is to assess the two most important aspect of your fundraiser: your sales team. This will most likely be your fellow fraternity brothers, so getting the calculations right for your group is the most important factor in deciding on a fraternity fundraising ideas that will be successful for you.

A lot of what needs to be done depends on the size of your group. Are you a member of a fairly small chapter, or will you being having as many people helping out as you need? If we're talking about a large group, then you could go for any kind of fundraiser, even one of the ones that requires a higher amount of minimum orders. Many of these fundraiser ideas even offer free shipping if you can get together the minimum. What you would have to do is add up how many people you have and how much they would each have to sell to make your monetary goal, and decide from there if making the minimum requirement on a particular fraternity fundraiser idea is likely or not.