As you probably already are well aware, booster clubs are constantly on the lookout for new and improved ways to raise money for the team or club that they support. Fundraising ideas are a dime a dozen, but when fundraising is your main reason for existing (as is the case with many booster clubs), you don't just want to do the same tired fundraising ideas over and over. You want something new, something different! We have a couple of suggestions to help you get out of a rut if you feel like all your booster fundraising ideas sound alike.

Scratch cards are one of the best booster club fundraising ideas out there, because of their simple implementation and potential for maximum profits. The concept is easy enough to understand: people scratch off 2 of 50 covered dots, and the monetary amount they uncover is the amount they donate to the cause. In return, they get valuable coupons to keep for themselves. The reason this is such a great booster club fundraising idea is because depending on how many cards you purchase, you can make up to a 90% profit for your group, which is pretty impressive.

But for the ultimate in fresh fundraising ideas, you'll definitely want to have a look at one of our green fundraisers. We have fundraising ideas like flower bulbs, and the green catalogue fundraiser, which is packed full of fantastic products that are good for the environment and also good for making a profit for your team or club. People in the community really warm to these kinds of fundraising ideas from booster clubs because not only are the products good, it's not like every other fundraising idea out there where you just sell candy like you do every year.

We have tons more great ideas if you want to think outside the box with your booster club fundraising ideas, so be sure to check out our fundraisers for booster clubs, and get inspired!