Booster fundraising is some of the most dedicated fundraising out there. In fact, many booster clubs are formed for the sole purpose of raising money for the group they represent. This puts a lot of pressure on you when organizing a fundraising activity, because if fundraising is the whole point of the booster club, then people expect you to do a halfway decent job of it. This can prove daunting if you're the kind of person who joined the booster club because you wanted to be helpful, not because you knew anything about how fundraising works.

So where do you start? How do you begin to know anything about successful booster fundraising? One smart first step is to enlist the help of those who have done it before. There are bound to be a few people in the booster club who have either organized fundraisers before, or who at least have some helpful knowledge about how to get the whole thing organized. There is no need for you to do everything on your own, and in fact that is the benefit of having a club - the members can support each other by helping out where they can, each in their own area of expertise with booster club fundraising.

If you still find yourself short of information, the internet can be a fantastic resource. We have literally hundreds of helpful articles on fundraising that will point you exactly in the right direction to get your booster club fundraising under way. We have tips for organization, pep talks, and of course full descriptions of all our booster club fundraisers and how each one works.

After you have read a few articles, you will start to get the hang of how booster club fundraising works. There is a science to fundraising, a set of guidelines to help you get going, and once you get a grasp on that, you'll start to feel more confident that you can be successful in your booster club fundraising, which you most certainly can! If you still need more assistance, feel free to call your fundraising consultant, who can help clear up any confusion and get you started down the right path.