Preschool fundraising takes a little creativity. Because the children are not old enough to buy or sell fundraising products, the responsibility remains with the parents. Although parents are willing to do just about anything for the betterment of their child's education ? it is best to keep the fundraising simple.

A great preschool fund raiser, that keeps the parents in mind, is to sell pizza cards. You can really approach it two ways; sell the cards to the parents, or have the parents sell the cards. The process is very simple. You sign up a pizza place in your area, have the manager or owner fill out the merchant agreement form, then fax it to your fundraising consultant. After the order is place and the cards are paid for they are shipped to you. At that point you can pass them out among parents are have them on sale for parents to purchase.

Parents may be reluctant to buy or sell at first ? which is where the creativity comes in. Make an incentive for each parent that sells cards. For example, you could waive the next field trip fee for any child whose family has sold at least 5 cards. Or you could take $2 off the next week's enrollment fee for every card sold. It may not be a huge prize, but it can be something to work toward. The main thing is to let the parents know why you are raising money. Will this money be used to keep weekly rates from rising? Are you having this preschool fundraiser for new materials? New playground equipment? Fun field trips? The more parents know, the more they are willing to help with your next preschool fundraiser.