A fundraiser at church is a more complicated process than it may seem on the surface. Sure, there is the part where you go out and sell things, which comes pretty much after everything else, but well before you ever get to that point, there is quite a lot of planning and organization to be done. If it is your turn to be in charge of a church fundraiser, now's your chance to get things right from the very beginning and build a good foundation for your fundraiser at church.

The first thing you'll want to do is have a meeting about the church fundraising effort, and talk with everyone involved about goals. Be precise with things like numbers, so that there's no doubt in anyone's mind exactly how much you need to raise with your fundraiser at church. Once you have the amount written in stone, think about the size of your fundraising team. Is there any way you can get even more people involved than you have now? The more people you have helping out, the more complicated things get, but the more success you are likely to have with your fundraiser.

After you have figured out exactly what your goals are and who will be helping you achieve them, you'll need to find a fundraiser at church that matches up to what you're trying to accomplish. If you do manage to get those extra people to help out, you could think big and go for a brochure-based fundraiser like pretzels, which is perfect for large groups. Otherwise, you can get some great profits from direct sale fundraisers like scratch card fundraisers, which work well for small groups, with profits of up to 90%. Check out our church fundraising pages to start planning for a great fundraiser at church that will end up being a tremendous success.