If you are organizing church fundraising for a church or church group that is a little short of cash, you might be worried to find that a lot of church fundraising ideas expect you to buy products upfront. This can be stressful if you don't have an existing budget to work from - the whole point of church fundraising is that you need to be bringing money in, not spending even more. So if you are feeling stressed about having to pay money from your own pocket in order to get a fundraising idea going, you can stop worrying, because we have free church fundraising ideas that will get you started the right way.

There are two main types of church fundraising activities: pre-sell, and direct sales. It is likely that a lot of the church fundraising products you have been looking at have been direct sale, where you buy everything beforehand and then keep the money that you make from whatever you sell. But not all fundraisers are like that. We have a wide range of pre-sell church fundraising ideas to choose from, and for your group these pretty much amount to a free church fundraising activities.

The way pre-sell free church fundraising efforts work is easy to understand. You simply select a catalogue of products from our wide range of brochure-based free church fundraising ideas, and we set up everything else. You can have anything from candles to coffee to environmentally friendly products for your free church fundraising activity. We will send you all the brochures and order forms you need, then as your church group goes around collecting orders, they will get the money directly from your supporters. There is no investment required from you other than your time and motivation. So don't be worried about your options, because there's a whole world of free church fundraising ideas out there that will lead your church to success.