Fundraising for Football is a more complex process than it may seem on the surface. Sure, there is the straightforward selling aspect, which comes pretty much at the end, but well before you ever get to that point, there is quite a lot of planning and organization to be done. If it is your turn to be in charge of the fundraising for football, now's your chance to get things right from the very beginning and set yourself down the road to success. With a strong foundation, you'll be getting to the easy part of fundraising for football in no time.

Firstly, sit down with a notebook and all the people who are relevant to the football fundraising effort, and talk about goals. Be precise with things like numbers, so that there's no doubt in anyone's mind exactly how much you need to raise with your fundraising ideas for football. Once you have the amount solidified, think about the size of your team - not the football team, but the fundraising team. Is it mostly going to be just the players, or will supporting groups like the cheerleaders be helping out? The more people you can have helping with your fundraising for football, the better result you will have in the end.

After you have figured out exactly what your goals are and who will be helping you achieve them, you'll need a fundraising for football activity that matches up to what you're trying to accomplish. If you do manage to get those extra people to help out, you could think big and go for a brochure-based fundraiser like pretzels, which is perfect for large groups. Otherwise, you can get some great profits from direct sale fundraisers like scratch cards, which work well for small groups, with profits of up to 90%. Check out our fundraising for football pages to get some ideas for what sort of fundraising for football activities are available for your group.