The biggest difference between working with elementary aged children and middle school students is their responsibility. Obviously an older child is capable of being responsible for more tasks, which is a benefit when it comes to middle school fundraising. Parents no longer feel the need to urge their child along in order to get a fundraiser done. Nor do they feel like it is a duty to take the fundraising brochure to work in hopes of getting co-workers to help out. No ? the responsibility is given over to the child.

And they will rise to the occasion if given the opportunity!

Once you have chosen a good fundraising program for your group it is time to let them show off. Give them a few starter ideas and let students help you think of great marketing ideas for your middle school fundraiser. Get them to brainstorm about the types of people they should/can approach for selling items. What sales-pitch they should use; how they should explain the fundraiser. Load them up with information so that they can go out and do their best. Advertising can also be fun. Let the student make posters or flyers to put up around school, or pass out to other teachers. Use their imagination to find a way to reach other kids their age.

In short ? give them the responsibility that they are craving. Allow your students to help out in ways that would not have been possible when they were younger. Give them the opportunity to own the fundraiser by putting their own middle school fundraising into the mix!