One thing that is quite often overlooked when planning PTA fundraisers is where are the volunteers going to come from and how many you will need.

There is no doubt that parents of young children are overworked and overcomitted. That makes getting volunteers that much more difficult.

The joke with fundraising coordinators is that they were the only ones not quick enough to leave the room when the request for volunteers was made. That is absolutely the farthest thing from the truth.

It is the parent who does volunteer that makes the greatest impact on kids although many times there is little appreciate for the effort.

So how does a school get volunteers for PTA Fundraising activities?

Getting volunteers is easiest in elementary school rather than middle or high school. At that point in life parents not only are involved with their children's lives they are happy to be involved. Unfortunately that is not true for every parent but it is for enough that getting volunteers for elementary school fundraisers is not too difficult.

The difficulty is the greatest in middle school. That's the time in fundraising when the students care the least and the parents are beginning to stop being as involved with school life. That's a shame because that's the time when kids most need their parents.

In high school students involved with fundraising usually are involved with the group needing to raise money and do not mind volunteering to help with the school fundraiser.

Never underestimate the importance of volunteers for your school fundraising efforts and always make sure they know how much they are appreciated.