Golf teams are usually small, and as school sports go, they don't get as much attention as things like football and basketball. The frustration with this is that golf is so much more expensive to play than most of the more high-profile sports, and yet golf teams often get left with little or no budget to work with.

Sometimes it is down to the players themselves to find the money from somewhere, and this is where an appropriate golf fundraising effort can really help out. We can help you find the best golf fundraising idea for your team, so that you can reach your goals as soon as possible.

If you want something with a simple concept that just gets the job done, you really can't go wrong with scratch cards. Our scratch card fundraisers couldn't be easier, and with profits up to 90%, you can get started right away and start watching the money rolling in.

Golf scratch cards don't require any hassle with shipping or product distribution - simply approach your supporters and get them to scratch 2 of 50 covered dots off the card. They make a donation equal to the amount they've uncovered, and in return you present them with a sheet of valuable coupons as a thank-you.

It's not only a profitable golf fundraiser, it's also very easy to implement.

Candy fundraising bars are a perennial favorite with school kids and adults alike, and at one dollar each, who's not going to be able to afford that? This is another popular golf fundraising idea that can help your team get some money-making momentum going.

If you can get permission for the team to sell at lunch periods and between classes, the opportunities for quality fundraising are really endless. Let us help set you up with the best golf fundraising idea for your situation and goals.