I am really surprised that you don't see more high school golf teams exploring different Golf Fundraisers.

Sports fundraising is one of the largest segments within the product fundraising industry. There are in fact very few sports organizations that do not rely on fundraising for much or part of their operating budget.

Golf is one of the more expensive in sports. The equipment is costly, you need to rent a practice facility and it is certainly not cheap to pay for green fees. That's why it surprises my there are not more frequent golf fundraisers.

Golfers are at a small disadvantage over other athletes when it comes to raising money because teams tend to be small. Often times it is an individual golfer that needs to raise money.

That means good golf fundraising ideas need to:

1. Have small minimum order requirements

2. Offer medium to high profit percentages

3. Have little to no out of pocket expense

4. Be relevant

At the top of this page you will find 3 different suggestions you might consider for your golf fundraiser. We have included fundraising ideas that meet each of the above mentioned needs and should allow you and your team mates to raise the money you need.