If you are an individual trying to start a fundraising effort on your own, we can most certainly help you out. We have a variety of activities and products that are perfect for fundraising for an individual, and whether you are trying to raise money for a trip, to help someone pay medical expenses, or even to make a donation to your favorite charity, we can help matching you up with some great ideas that will work well for you.

Individual Fundraising is only difficult in the sense that you don't necessarily have the support of a fundraising team - this time around, it's just you. Therefore, it's important to select a fundraising idea that will really help you reach your goals. Food is a perennial favorite, because people often let their stomachs make decisions for them.

You can go with an easy snack like chocolate bars, or you could even do a card-based idea like our ever-popular pizza cards. Pizza fundraising cards work really well with people of all ages - after all, who wouldn't want a great deal on pizza? The other benefit far fundraising for an individual is, pizza cards have some of the highest profit margins of any fundraiser out there - up to 90%.

If you are fundraising for an individual in the sense that you will be participating in some sort of activity like a walk-a-thon or a 5k run, don't forget how important pledges are to the fundraising process. The best thing to do is to combine your pledge drive with one or two other fundraisers, and maximize the money that you bring in. While people have their wallets out for their pledges, you may as well ask them if they'd like to have a chocolate bar or two, or if they'd like to purchase one of your pizza cards. Fundraising for an Individual is not that hard - you just need to plan in advance and make the most of the opportunities you have.