Sports teams are some of the most fervent and active fundraising groups. Like it, love it, or absolutely hate it, fundraising is as much a part of team sports as referees and orange slices at halftime. For a large number of teams, mostly at the high school and junior high school levels, booster clubs have formed to take the pressure of organizing a fundraiser off of the coaches .

Booster clubs are fantastic organizations and help the team in all sorts of ways. For fundraising, they have come up with all kinds of creative ideas. They do the traditional cookie or candy sales, they run the concession stands at games, and they design and print t-shirts and other team apparel. Some teams, though, have started looking for something new and different.

Green Fundraising, it turns out, is a perfect way for booster clubs to raise money. Nearly everyone, it seems, is in the process of "greening" their lives. They are trying to cut back on waste, eat organic foods, and are becoming conscious of their carbon footprint. Green Fundraising offers people ways to improve in all of these areas while at the same time affording the booster club a fantastic way to raise money.

Some of the most popular green fundraiser ideas right now are live plant fundraisers and reusable shopping bag fundraisers. For a live plant fundraiser, you order catalogues from a fundraising company and then pre-sell the plants. The most popular versions of this right now are tree fundraiser and flower bulb fundraisers. Reusable shopping bag fundraisers are great because they directly and immediately impact the amount of plastic bag waste piling up in our landfills.

Booster clubs looking for a new fundraising idea that is exciting, good for the environment, and profitable should check out a green fundraiser.