Wow, the Girl Scouts have it easy, don't they? Their fundraiser is already built into the national program, and Girl Scout Cookies are such a phenomenal perennial success that it's easy to feel like the Boy Scouts have a harder mountain to climb. But Boy Scouts fundraisers can be just as fun and successful - all you need is the right idea to suit your troop, and the excitement to go with it.

Believe it or not, one of the best parts about doing Boy Scouts fundraisers is that you're <em>not</em> limited to cookies alone. This means you can actually get involved with the decision-making process and come up with something a bit more original. There are so many possibilities out there for Boy Scouts fundraisers that choosing one may be the most difficult part!

If you think yummy treats would be popular in your community, things like cookie dough fundraising or pizza cards can work well. The benefit of the cookie dough is that it has a low minimum, while the pizza cards are high profit, making them excellent Boy Scouts fundraisers for smaller troops where high numbers of sales may be more difficult.

In recent years green fundraisers have become a popular choice for the Boy Scouts, both with troops and their customers. To be honest, although food treats are great, many people are becoming more health-conscious, as well as more concerned about the environment. Things like flower bulbs and pencils made from recycled newspapers are fantastic choices, and you can use Boy Scouts fundraising to help teach lessons about going green.

If none of these Boy Scouts fundraisers gets you excited, why not look into something like a coffee fundraiser, or flower bulbs? Things like these may not work with every community or at every time of the year, but depending on who your customers are and when you're having your fundraiser, one of them might work well for your Boy Scouts fundraiser.

In the end, you have to go with what you feel will work. Whether it's a traditional candy fundraiser, or something more progressive like a green fundraiser, there are countless Boy Scouts fundraisers out there, and as long as you choose one that fits your situation, you're sure to have a successful fundraiser on your hands.