Economic times are tough right now, and cheerleaders are in just as tight a situation as any other school activity or club. If you have a cheerleader in your family, you've probably already been introduced to the world of cheerleader fundraising, because it is quite an expensive sport, and cheerleader fundraising is the best way to make sure that the squad gets everything it needs. Organizing a cheerleader fundraiser can be a daunting task, but it's not as difficult as it seems. The hardest part is getting it set up, and then the rest of the cheerleader fundraising effort pretty much continues on its own momentum.

If you are wondering what kind of cheerleader fundraising you should be trying, there's no need to do something outlandish just for the sake of it. Classic cheerleader fundraising ideas like chocolate sales have performed well for decades, and you never have to worry about chocolate going out of style. If you can get permission for the cheerleaders to sell the chocolate at lunch periods, pep rallies, or after school, the potential for cheerleading fundraising sales is virtually unlimited

If you have quite a large cheerleader fundraising group, say with the pep squad and dance teams included, then you may have enough of a sales force to take on a brochure-based cheerleader fundraising activity. Check the minimum order requirements and shipping charges, though, before you make any decisions, and make sure that the products you've chosen will make an appropriate cheerleader fundraising activity for you and your squad.

There are also, of course, plenty of new and different cheerleader fundraising activities out there. Temporary tattoos are very popular with the kids, and because they are a direct sale cheerleader fundraising item, you get to keep all the money that comes in after you have made your initial cheerleader fundraising investment. Many squads like this cheerleader fundraising option because no money has to be sent away and there are no delivery times or logistics to worry about.