Everyone know how Girl Scouts raise money.

In fact there were not many stores we visited that did not have a table of Girl Scouts selling cookies. Boy Scouts, however, do not have a well known national fundraising program to use so troops appear to be more or less on their own.

So, if you are part of the Boy Scouts we would like to share some Boy Scout fundraising ideas:

1. Flower Bulb Fundraisers: Selling flower bulbs in either the spring or the fall is a natural for Scouts. You give each scout a brochure that details a wide selection of flower bulbs to sell. People place orders during this pre sell period. Then, after the sale is complete, the flower bulbs are ordered and delivered to the customer.

2. Smencil Pencil Fundraisers: Smencils are pencils made from recycled newspapers. They come with different scented liquids so every time you sharpen the pencil the fragrance gets a little stronger. These are great direct sale items and make a lot of sense for a Boy Scout fundraiser.

3. Other Environmentally Friendly Fundraisers: There are a few new companies that offer brochure fundraisers that sell only green items. Items include things link recycled bags, organic cosmetics, healthy and organic foods. These no cost fundraisers are also a natural for Boy Scouts.

The above three suggestions are work well and should be considered in addition to the old faithful's like cookie dough fundraising and candy fundraising.