Because of the downturn in the economy many non-profit organizations are having to turn to fundraisers to cover the cost of continuing their activities. They are finding that donations or parent organization support are no longer enough to sustain the group. Meanwhile, the costs of everything are rising meaning that nonprofits are facing a delimma, how do they pay for necessities when they have less money and everything costs more? They look for new fundraising ideas and step up their efforts to raise money.

But, with so many groups needing to double up on their fundraising efforts, how does a nonprofit group find a fresh fundraising idea that isn't played out? And, how do you make sure that your fundraiser isn't harmful to your customers as cookie dough and candy are proving to be? You look for new alternatives and green fundraising is one of the best.

A green fundraiser is a great way for a non profit organization to bring in the money they need. Instead of selling the same old fundraising products, your group is provided with catalogues containing items that are earth friendly, all natural, and organic.

For example, the YMCA is a typical group that would have a non profit fundraiser. Selling candy, though loved by the kids, would be counterintuitive to what the YMCA stands for. Instead, a healthy food fundraiser with organic breads, trail mixes, and pizza crusts makes for a wonderful alternative.