Gymnastics fundraisers can be confusing, especially if this is your first time organizing. Here you have a group of child athletes, determined to do well, but not necessarily ready to absorb everything that fundraising entails.

On the other side, you have the parents, who are likely to be helping their children through the process, even as far as going out fundraising with them. This can create some conflicts for gymnastics fundraisers.

The kids may be more interested in doing a candy fundraiser, whereas the adults may have different ideas altogether, and may be hoping for products that appeal more to adults. The solution to this is choosing gymnastics fundraisers that appeal to a wide range of ages, that are not age-specific.

Pizza fundraising cards are a good example of this. After all, think about it - who do you know who doesn't like pizza? Kids adore it, and not only do adults like it, too, but they like it even more when they can get a discount. So pizza cards are a great way to give everyone what they want. The best part for you is, pizza cards have a very high profit margin, so your gymnastics fundraisers stand to do really well. And your supporters will get a great two-for-one deal at their favorite pizza restaurant, so they'll be happy about it, too.

Cookie dough fundraising is another good idea for gymnastics fundraisers that appeal to all ages. Again, who doesn't like freshly-baked cookies? People love eating them, and they love making them, especially when the process is so easy. We have several different kinds of cookie dough to choose from, as well as preformed cookies that you can just put on the baking sheet, ready to go.

These appeal to people of any age, and as far as gymnastics fundraisers go, you really can't ask for more.