You may not know it yet, but your little league fundraiser is going to be great fun. Sure, at the moment it may seem like it's nothing but anxiety and stress - after all, the little league team is looking up to you as a fundraiser organizer to ensure they have enough funds to buy the things they need. And little league league is not exactly an inexpensive venture. There are uniforms to think about, equipment to replace... not to mention all the traveling and incidental expenses associated with league games. So it's perfectly understandable if you're feeling apprehensive about your little league fundraiser.

But the truth is that organizing a successful little league fundraiser is not as difficult as you think. Sure, it takes some planning, and it's important to get your ducks in a row before you go charging out there with products to sell, but all that can be accomplished with some very simple internet research, which means you can start putting together your little league fundraiser from the comfort of the chair you're sitting in right now!

The two most important things to keep in mind with a little league fundraiser are your sales team (usually the players and their parents), and the target customer base. In the case of your little league fundraiser, the customer base may be the extended families of the players, or their little friends at school, or maybe just the families in their neighborhoods. As long as you choose a little league fundraiser while keeping those two things in mind, it's very difficult to go wrong from there.

Little league fundraisers have a built in marketing strategy - kids are cute, and people naturally want to help them out. If you couple this with some basic organization skills and one of our knockout fundraising ideas, you're sure to have a little league fundraiser that will make you want to organize it again next year.