Lots of different school groups do fundraising for day-to-day expenses. Athletes have uniforms to buy, for example. But with something like the Spanish club, fundraising tends to be focused on raising money for trips - trips to competitions, or perhaps even a club cultural trip at the end of the year.

For many students, competing and traveling are some of the most enjoyable aspects of being in the Spanish club, but with budget cuts coming in left and right, you never know when your club is not going to have enough money to cover all the planned excursions.

Coming up with good Spanish club fundraising ideas is a great plan, but you'll want to go about it the right way so that you get the best result possible. The best time to bring up the subject of Spanish club fundraising ideas is at your next club meeting. Your fundraising team is most likely to be made up of the club members, the students, so it's important that they be involved right from the beginning.

Explain everything as clearly as you can - the reasons for a fundraiser, how much money is needed, and what it will be spent on. There's no need to make anyone scared, but if the students can understand that this fundraiser will be paying for their trip at the end of the year, they're much more likely to come up with viable Spanish club fundraising ideas, and they're even more likely to give this effort their full attention.

You can also take in a list of Spanish club fundraising ideas to share with the group. We have a lot of great fundraisers for large and small school groups, so no matter what level of selling power you have, we can help you make the money you need to do the things you want.

Have a look through our pages of Spanish club fundraising ideas, and start feeling positive about your fundraiser!