There is any number of age appropriate fun activities you might consider for your church youth group - the trick is figuring out how to incorporate learning into these events and planning ahead to make them a success.

Facing an upcoming youth group meeting without a planned activity or agenda can make even the most seasoned youth leader break into a cols sweat. Facing a group of twenty or thirty students with no idea of what to do is a recipe for failure and disappointment.

Being A Church Youth Group Leader Is A Tough Job

Leading a successful youth group program is never easy, which is why it is critical to develop a plan and process for organizing meetings and events. By doing this you will make your life a leader much easier and increase the chances of success for the ministry you've undertaken.

As a youth group leader you may also be responsible for much more than just planning a weekly or monthly meeting. Either way your church is depending on you to help guide this group and be a positive influence in their spiritual walk.

Moreover, your group will look to you as an example of the values and morals that your faith teaches. In some cases you may be the only counterbalance to the daily damaging cultural influences they face at school and in their extracurricular activities.