Breast cancer, of course, is a very serious disease. We need to find a cure, but in order to do that, there has to be sufficient money for the necessary research. Breast cancer fundraising is hardly uncommon these days, and one of the most successful and popular ways to raise money for the cause is to organize a breast cancer walk fundraising effort. Breast cancer fundraising is not only a great way to bring in money for cancer research, but it's also the perfect way to raise awareness for the cause, and to bring the community together for a common goal.

Although the idea behind breast cancer walk fundraising is very serious, the actual walk doesn't have to be. Teams and individuals often do crazy things like dressing up in costumes in order to help draw attention to themselves and what they're trying to do. Participants put aside their personal embarrassment for the sake of the bigger picture - that the louder and more noticeable fundraising is, the more people are likely to pay attention and give their support. So when you're going around collecting pledges for your breast cancer walk fundraising, don't be afraid to wear your costume or whatever it is you're planning, so that people can have a laugh and maybe donate a little more than they would have otherwise.

Breast cancer walk fundraising ideas are not just limited to collecting pledges, though. You can do a lot of supplementary fundraising ideas that will help you bring in even more cash than you imagined. Things like lollipop fundraisers and fundraising candy bars may not be high-dollar items, but they're just enough that you can carry them around with you on the day and sell them as you go along, collecting the extra money to donate along with your breast cancer walk fundraising pledges. With a little creativity, you can make your breast cancer walk fundraising really interesting, both for yourself, and for your supporters.