Maybe you're in charge of a large school group trying to raise a lot of money, or maybe you're just a small club who needs some extra cash for equipment. Either way, you've come here because you're looking for school fundraiser programs, something that will help you reach all of your goals this year. Luckily, there are all kinds of great school fundraiser programs to choose from, and as long as you are familiar with the details of your situation, finding school fundraiser programs that are right for you will be a snap.

When you are starting to look for school fundraiser programs, you may be wondering if the ones you're familiar with are still around. Remember things like the chocolate bar fundraiser programs you did back when you were in school? How about catalogue fundraisers, remember those? Both of these classic school fundraiser programs are still around, and still making lots of profit for school groups everywhere. There are even some new twists on the old favorites: you can get premium chocolate bars these days, and if you want to look at a catalogue school fundraiser program there's our green catalogue fundraiser, which focuses on products that are good for the environment.

Perhaps you've heard of card-based fundraiser programs, and those can be both fun and profitable, too. In fact, card-based fundraisers have some of the highest profit margins of any fundraisers out there, so if you're a small group in a hurry to meet your monetary goals, that might be the way to go. You can choose from scratch cards, pizza cards, and other types of discount cards. All are very easy school fundraiser programs to set up, and the profits can run as high as 90% if you can commit to a minimum number of cards in your order. Have a look through our school fundraiser programs for details, and happy choosing!