PTO groups are supportive to students on so many levels. Most students don't even realize the impact that the PTO has on their everyday school experience. Schools are doing their best to support the students in everything they do, but expenses can get out of hand quickly, and budgets are not what they used to be. This is where PTO fundraising comes in - it helps to bridge the gap between what the school can provide out of budget, and the sorts of funds that are actually needed for the student body.

When you start to organize PTO fundraising, obviously you'll be looking for the best possible PTO fundraiser. But with all the PTO fundraising ideas out there, how do you know where to start? Begin my comparing the size of your fundraising team to the size of your financial goals, and work from there. Some PTO fundraising is specific to certain types of goals, but many PTO fundraising activities can work well for any size of group. Things like certain brochure fundraisers may only suit larger groups with higher selling power, but check our PTO fundraising pages to familiarize yourself with the minimum requirements and shipping charges for specific fundraising ideas.

Smaller groups will be concerned with profit levels, of course, and direct sale PTO fundraising activities like fundraising scratch cards can be a lifesaver. Direct sale PTO fundraising products are easy to purchase and distribute, and of course after your initial investment, all the money you receive from your PTO fundraising goes directly to the school. The best part of something like scratch cards is that they have some of the highest profit margins of any PTO fundraising activity - up to 90% if you can commit to a minimum order upfront. With direct sale PTO fundraising, everything is kept simple.