Getting kids into the school marching band is a fantastic idea on so many levels. Participating in the marching band keeps kids off the sofa, gets them involved in learning more than one valuable skill, and makes them part of a team effort. Schools are doing their best to support their marching bands, but of course the expenses involved with band can quickly get out of hand. This is where band fundraising comes in - it helps to bridge the gap between what the school can provide out of budget, and what the kids actually need to practice and compete to a high standard.

As you begin to think about band fundraising, obviously you'll be looking for some really great fundraising ideas. But with all the band fundraising ideas out there, how do you know where to begin? If you measure your group size against your total financial goal, and work from there, you'll come up with a ballpark figure pretty easily. Some band fundraising is specific to certain types of goals, but many band fundraisers can work well for any size of group. Things like certain brochure fundraisers may only suit larger groups with higher selling power, but check our band fundraising pages to familiarize yourself with the minimum requirements and shipping charges for specific fundraisers.

Smaller marching bands will be concerned with profit levels, of course, and direct sale band fundraising ideas like scratch card fundraisers can be a lifesaver. Direct sale band fundraising products are easy to purchase and distribute, and of course after your initial investment, all the money you receive from your band fundraising goes directly to the band. The best part of something like scratch cards is that they have some of the highest profit margins of any band fundraising activity - up to 90% if you can commit to a minimum order upfront. With direct sale band fundraising, everything is easy to follow and high on return.