Students looking to participate in People to People Fundraisers are typically very motivated. After all it is not an inexpensive program and many times even families who can afford the experience prefer to teach their kids a lesson of appreciation by making them have skin the game by raising some of the money.

So what are the best People to People fundraising ideas?

The fact is most students need to raise thousands of dollars so it is going to take some initiative on the part of the student. Without being self motivated no fundraiser in and of itself will work to raise the money needed. So before you even choose a fundraising idea make sure you really want to raise the money and are willing to spend the time and effort.

So it only makes sense that a student should pick a fundraising idea that offers the highest possible profits. That's one of the reasons we suggest scratch card fundraisers for People to People candidates.

Scratch cards are donation cards where you ask people to donate to your cause. You get people to scratch off a couple of dots and donate the concealed amount of money to you. In return you give them a sheet of valuable coupons as a thank you gifts.

Each card raises $100 so People to People students will need to order a handful of cards. The cards, though, are personalized for you so people know exactly why you are raising money. The cost per card is reasonable. Shipping is free. They offer the benefits you need for a successful People to People fundraiser.