Being a high school cheerleader is harder than most think. Many think that it is all about glamour and pom-poms, but they just don't get it. It is about endless hours of training, cheering at games, more training and competing, and all with out a thank you or cheer from the crowd. It is a tough sport that gets more and more competitive each year. That is why there are so many new high school cheerleading stunts out there. Each school is trying to make a name for them by creating a stunt that will blow their minds. As the stunts get harder and harder, they get even more dangerous. There are certain safety techniques that cheerleaders must understand before performing any stunts.

High school cheerleading has become more popular over the past few decades. As any sport, the more competitors mean the more accidents. In 2004, there was a girl that was killed from a cheerleading stunt. It sparked media frenzy across the nation, showing the dangers of cheerleading. Since then, there has been a complete turn around in cheerleading. Instead of performing the hardest stunts without little technique or safety precautions, each stunt is studied to make sure that it is safe enough. High school cheerleading stunts have become more difficult, but they have also become safer. They are required to have more bases and back ups so that they can ensure the safety of the cheerleaders. There are a few tips that you want to think about before sending your cheerleader off to competition or practice:

  • Make sure that the cheerleading coach is certified and trained for the job.

  • Read the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors safety guidelines.

  • Be sure that the cheerleaders practice and perform with a trained coach at all times.

  • Make sure that the cheerleaders know their level of cheering. Do not let them perform at a higher level when they have not mastered the level below.

  • Warm-up exercises and stretches are vital before and after practice

  • If your child injures themselves, make sure that they get the proper medical care.

  • Make sure that the cheerleaders surrounding your child are well informed of these tips