If you are a player on a high school soccer team you know how good it is to have a booster club supporting you. If you do not appreciate, you should talk to the school teams that are not as lucky. You know what the have not players miss the most? It is high school soccer booster club fundraising!

When you have a group of supportive parents that form booster clubs many of the responsibilities of the team are absorbed by the parents. That leaves the students more time and energy to focus on playing and soccer skills. They do not need to worry about soccer fundraising.

The other thing that makes high school soccer booster club fundraising so attractive is that the club is not bound by the same restrictions that the school or team may be bound to. Typically sports booster clubs are legitimate non profit organizations that are formed to help out the team they support. Their non profit status gives them certain freedoms but their autonomy gives them even greater flexibility.

There are no rules to the number of fundraisers the booster club can hold in a season or a year. If the team needs new uniforms and they are not in the school budget the booster club can hold a car wash or other fundraising event to raise the money to purchase them. If they decide the team could benefit from attending a skills camp they can raise the money to pay for that. Those are the kinds of things that schools often can not pay for but successful programs require. And that is why the teams and schools that are not fortunate enough to have booster clubs some times are at a disadvantage.

The other great thing about high school soccer booster clubs is the simple fact that there is a group of parents and supporters who care enough to spend their time and money on the players and their children. Involved parents always make a difference in their kids? lives whether they realize it at the time.

When the students? soccer playing days are gone and done there will be a few memories of certain games and relationships. But one of the things that many players remember is how their parents reacted to their soccer playing days. They remember seeing their parents sitting in the stands on rainy game days. They remember them working extra hard so they could have a banquet at the end of the year.

High school soccer booster club fundraising is one thing you can do for your high school player that they will always remember.