It's the moment every parent dreads: your child has come home wanting to join an activity that involves buying expensive equipment and paying lots of fees. Of course you want your kids to be able to follow their interests, especially if physical fitness is involved, but when your child wants to play a sport like hockey, that can really do some damage to your bank account.

Skates alone cost a fortune, and kids' feet grow like weeds, so they'll be needing a new pair at least once a season. That's not to mention uniforms, safety equipment, rink fees, and travel expenses to practices and games. It's easy to see why hockey fundraising ideas are necessary, and in fact fundraisers can really save players and teams that are in a financial bind.

If your team has decided to host a hockey fundraiser, one of the easiest things to do is sell a simple product that will be very popular. Candy fundraising bars are great for this, and have a lot of advantages. First, pretty much everyone loves chocolate. Candy can be sold at hockey games, and if the team is a school team, you might even be able to get permission for the kids to sell chocolate at school, during breaks and lunch periods. This can be a great way to earn extra money for the team.

Card-based fundraisers are another of our top hockey fundraising ideas. Pizza cards, discount cards, and even hockey scratch cards can bring in really impressive returns, and with profits up to 90%, it's easy to see how this can work in your favor. And cards are easy to carry around, easy to distribute, and there are no later deliveries to worry about.

Have a look at these and our other hockey fundraising ideas, and feel free to contact your fundraising consultant if you have any further questions.