Here are some hockey fundraising tips:

1. Decide on which type of hockey fundraiser you are going to have. Fundraisers include selling products, offering services or holding special events. One of the easiest ways to raise money for a hockey fundraiser is to sell products that everyone wants.

2. Products that offer your team or school logo are always very popular and tend to sell much easier than a generic product that no one has any association with.

3. Find a company that that can offer products with your team or school name and logo. Research the company before you do any business with them. Unfortunately, there are companies that are not reputable and provide you with a poor product or no product at all.

4. Once you have found a company to hold your fundraiser with, keep their contact number handy. You'll be able to call with questions or concerns.

5. Some companies now allow you to make sales though their website. Your school or organization is given a code or password that people use when they make a purchase on the website. By using your code or password, your fundraiser is given a percentage of each sale.

6. Another easy way to sell products for your hockey fundraiser is to buy wholesale. Once your fundraiser has purchased the products at wholesale prices, you can set up a booth at the next hockey game. This approach works very well with branded products that have your hockey team name and logo. Follow these hockey fundraising tips and your next one will be a big success!