Sometimes the school just doesn’t have enough money in its annual budget to pay for upgrades like school gym equipment and new library books. You would be surprised at how quickly the school’s budget gets eaten up by things like general maintenance, that there just isn’t enough to cater for every school department’s needs.

You may have decided that the best way to bring some extra money to your school is by holding a school fundraiser. If this is the case - congratulations. You are definitely on the right track to earning the funding your school needs, and holding a fundraiser for schools can be a great way to reaching your financial targets.

When you are planning out your fundraiser for schools, you may be overwhelmed at the different choices you could use to make your event a great success. You might like to hold an arts and crafts fair, or give the students order forms to sell one of our products, like our Dry Cookie Dough Mix Fundraiser or our Earth Candle Fundraiser.

Both of these packages are quick and easy ways to set up your fundraiser for schools, without breaking the bank too much. One other fun idea you may like to try for your fundraiser for schools is having a sponsored event. This can be any kind of event you like, from having the students run a certain distance, to climbing a local hill or mountain, or to organizing a sponsored eating competition in the school cafeteria.

The premise for all of these suggestions is the same: You simply ask the students to rally up support and gather sponsors for their participation in the event, and then depending on how well they perform, their sponsors will donate a certain amount of money for the cause. It’s a great idea that the students will likely feel very excited to take part in.