It's no secret that kids love playing Rock Band, and a lot of them are really good at it! If they're going to be playing those kinds of games anyway, then it makes sense to use that to your advantage when planning your school fundraiser. Holding a Rock Band fundraiser at your school can be a great way not only to get the kids involved with fundraising, but to bring a lot of money in for the school, as well.

Rock Band fundraising can work in several ways, and you can feel free to be creative with your ideas. Obviously there will be the main event, the performances, and that can be held somewhere like the school auditorium or outside on school grounds. Tickets can be sold for the fundraiser, and aside from all the parents and families wanting to come, if you do some advertising in the neighborhood, you may get some curious community members, as well. The more tickets you can sell to your Rock Band Fundraiser, the better, obviously, and it's important to get the kids excited about the idea, because they'll be the ones you need to show off their talents in order for the fundraiser to work.

Once you have people there at the Rock Band fundraiser, you need to make the most of the situation. If you have your Rock Band fundraiser outside, you can have lots of food and drink stalls, because people love to eat and drink while they're watching live entertainment. The more food you can get donated, and the more volunteers you can get to help prepare it, the more profit you will get for your school from your Rock Band fundraiser. Also, if you have t-shirts made up for the event, you can sell those as well, so that the people who were there can buy shirts and have something to remember the Rock Band fundraiser by.