If this is not your first time participating in the organization of church fundraisers, you're probably bored sick with all the ideas you've done in the past, and you know how they all start to seem alike after a while. So this time around, why not make a real effort to dig your group out of their fundraising rut, and find unique fundraising ideas that won't bore everyone?

You're probably convinced that you've done every church fundraising out there, and that there are no unique church fundraisers left for you to try. You may have seen all kinds of church fundraisers, but there's still the opportunity to customize church fundraisers so that they are truly your own. With our custom pizza discount cards, you make all the decisions, and you choose everything about your unique church fundraiser based on what you want to do. The way it works is that you can approach any local pizza restaurant that you want (or we can do it for you if you prefer), and when they agree to help you out with these unique church fundraisers, we will print 2-for-1 cards with your church's name and the restaurant's logo on them. When you sell the cards, your supporters get a fantastic deal with a free pizza, and up to 90% of the profits go to the church. Theoretically you could change these unique church fundraisers around every year, and never have to do the same fundraiser twice.

Aside from our custom fundraisers, we also have a lot of ready-made unique church fundraisers that aren't like all the rest you've seen everywhere else, so you'll definitely want to have a look through our church fundraisers pages to see all the latest in unique church fundraisers ideas. We're confident you'll find a lot of fresh and new ideas to suit your group, and that will help you keep the excitement in your church fundraisers for many years to come.