Maybe you already know that fundraising for high school sports is not so hard, even though it involves some setup work and organizing. The truth is simple: people love to help out anything involved with sports and kids, and when you add in the enthusiasm and motivation of the team players, it's not hard to understand that fundraising for high school sports can be very successful. The most difficult part is at the beginning, when your fundraising for high school sports is all on paper.

Fundraising has a tendency to gather its own momentum, but that doesn't mean you can downplay your role in it. Mostly, you need to consider the size of your sales team, and the kind of financial targets you have versus the budget that is already provided. Can the school come up with the money to make an investment for a direct sale fundraiser? Pizza cards, for example, can be an excellent choice, especially with small teams.

When fundraising for high school sports, you also want to take into consideration your customer base. If you expect that the kids will mostly be selling to their parents and families, then it's a good idea to choose something for the adults like tea and coffee, or our Go Green fundraiser. If, on the other hand, the kids will mostly be selling to their fellow students at school, you could try something like chocolate bar fundraiser, which of course never go out of style. If you want to cover all your bases and choose something that can be good across the board, there are a lot of fundraising ideas for high school sports that can do that for you, like cookie dough fundraisers or pizza cards. Have a look at our fundraising for high school sports pages for details of all the options we have available.