Perhaps you already know that fundraising for schools is not that difficult, even though it involves some setup work and organizing. The bottom line is, people love to help out anything involved with education, and when you add the charming personalities of kids into the equation, it's not hard to see where the potential is in fundraising for schools that results in great profits. The most difficult part is at the beginning, when you need to choose a fundraising idea. How on earth do you select one of the many fundraising ideas available for schools?

Fundraising for schools has a tendency to snowball on its own based on the energy of the kids, but that doesn't mean you can ignore the more practical aspects of it. Mostly, you need to think about the size of your fundraising team, and the kind of monetary goals you have versus the funds that already exist. Can the school provide funds to purchase products for a direct sale fundraiser? Scratch cards, for example, can be an excellent choice when fundraising for schools, and if you can commit to a selling at least 1,000 cards, you can look forward to profits of 90%.

When fundraising for schools, you also want to keep in mind where and how the products will be sold and distributed. If you expect that the kids will mostly be selling to their parents and families, then it's smart to choose an adult-oriented fundraiser like tea and coffee, or our green catalogue, which is great for fundraising for schools. These things appeal more to adults, but if the kids will mostly be selling to their fellow students, you could try something like chocolate, or even our Smencils fundraiser. If you're not sure about making a firm choice between marketing toward kids and marketing toward adults, we have a lot of fundraising ideas for schools that cover all the bases, like cookie dough and pizza cards. Check out our fundraising for schools pages to get some great ideas!