If you have been looking around the internet for a school fundraising idea, you've probably quickly discovered that it can all seem pretty confusing at first. When it's your first time trying to come up with a great school fundraising idea, it can be difficult knowing where to start. It certainly doesn't help when people around you think they're being helpful and giving advice for the school fundraiser idea, but all the advice is conflicting, leaving you more confused than ever. Coming up with a school fundraiser idea can be pretty stressful, but once you get past the first hurdle, the rest pretty much falls into place, and that's when you can start having fun with it.

If you want to head straight in with a school fundraiser idea that will wow everyone, go for something straightforward and effective like a card-based fundraiser. Scratch cards, pizza cards, and discount cards are amazingly easy to distribute, and can return ridiculously high profits, especially if you can commit to buying a minimum number of cards as an initial investment. As a school fundraiser idea, this is a nice way to keep things simple, as there are no shipping charges or delivery times to worry about, and once you have your cards, every penny that comes in from your fundraiser goes straight to the school.

Some people may prefer to stick with one of the classic school fundraiser ideas, and we have plenty of those, as well. Things like chocolate bars have worked for thousands of school groups over many decades, and are still going strong today. There is a reason that the chocolate bar school fundraiser idea is so popular - because chocolate itself is so popular! The students themselves will especially love any school fundraiser idea that involves candy, so if you want to get them behind their fundraiser wholeheartedly, chocolate can be one of the best school fundraiser ideas ever.