When most people think about school fundraisers, they usually imagine a bake sale or selling chocolate in boxes to their friends and family. And there is good reason for this. The truth is, the resources that are needed to pull off the best school fundraisers haven’t changed over the years.

Something that isn’t broken surely doesn’t need fixing, as the saying goes. It comes down to a bit of hard work and plenty of good forward thinking to pull off a truly successful event. The best school fundraisers have been thought over thoroughly before they are even started.

Everything should be covered from the budgeting of the event, to the time constraints you are held to, to where the school fundraiser is actually going to take place. If you are the head of a school fundraiser team, it is your responsibility to make sure the planning of every aspect of your school fundraiser stays on track. You may decide that the best way to achieve this is to designate certain tasks to other members of your team.

However, it remains your job to oversee the overall development of your event. One thing to consider about the best school fundraisers is whether the event fits the cause.

Let’s think about this for a second. Suppose that you are wanting to hold a fundraiser to raise money for some new school gym equipment. Why not hold a sponsored run in aid of this cause. If the students and their parents see the connection between the event and the cause it is going to, they will be more inclined to help out by giving money or helping out.

Likewise, if your school’s art department needs some new supplies, why not encourage your class to make paintings to sell in the community to earn money for your cause.