School sports breed a very special kind of kid. They are motivated, focused, and driven by their goals. These are all traits we want to support and encourage, and yet funding for extracurricular activities goes down every year. A sports fundraiser can really help a lot toward making up for what the school budget cannot supply, and with a good, solid sports fundraiser, not only can the team reach its financial goals, but it can also build upon the spirit of teamwork and keeping a positive attitude. With the right sports fundraiser, you can use your team's natural motivational skills, and get them excited about helping themselves raise the money they need for equipment, uniforms, and other necessities. There are a lot of great sports fundraiser programs out there, so the only trick is finding one that is appropriate for your group.<

With a sports fundraiser, you can go one of two ways - brochures, or direct sales. Brochure sales can work well if you have a larger group with more selling power, or if you're worried about having to purchase products up front. With a brochure-based sports fundraiser you don't have to make any financial investment at all - you only have to order the sports fundraiser you want, and we'll send you everything you need to get going. There is a bit of organization to do with the order forms and sending in the money, but it's not difficult, and a brochure sports fundraiser can work well for a lot of different groups.

Direct sale fundraisers are a little different. You buy the products upfront at cost, and sell them at a profit. What's nice about a direct sales sports fundraiser is that there's no wait for orders to be filled, and once you have made your initial investment, your group gets to keep all the money it makes from your sports fundraiser. This can work well if you have the available funds to invest, and some of the direct sale sports fundraisers have the highest profits around, which is nice.