Because of the way the economy is going, and the poor funding that many schools are receiving for their extracurricular activities, there is more and more need for fundraisers for school bands. However, not only are kids often resistant to the need for fundraising, and if they're already unhappy about the state of their uniforms and instruments, they may not be feeling as fired up about fundraising as you would hope. So preparing school bands for fundraisers in the psychological sense is an important aspect of the fundraising process, and it's something you need to consider when taking on the job of an organizer.

Mentally preparing school bands for fundraisers can be one of the hardest parts of the fundraising job. Kids often don't realize why the school just doesn't put up the money for the things the band needs, instead of them having to go out and get the money themselves. If you have a meeting where you can assemble the band members for pep talks, you can get them motivated to take charge of their own situation, to see their fundraising idea as a way to come together as a team and overcome their funding issues. The more enthusiasm you can build up in them, the more you can prepare school bands for fundraisers that will be successful.

School band fundraisers are a fantastic way not only to get the bands the financial help they need, but also to prepare school bands for fundraisers they will undoubtedly have to run themselves in the future. Fundraising is something that students will have to deal with right through college and beyond, so getting them prepared down for fundraisers while they're still in school bands can really give them the skills they'll need to be able to raise money for anything their budget doesn't provide for.