If you are involved with a small local hockey league, chances are there's not much going on in the way of sponsorship, and the players are probably expected to pay for most things out of pocket. This can get expensive quickly, especially considering how often equipment gets broken and needs to be replaced.

If your team is running out of ideas for how to finance the continual costs of keeping the team afloat, having a hockey fundraiser is certainly a great idea to inject some income back into the budget, and get things rolling once again.

But if you and your teammates have never hosted a hockey fundraiser before, you might be at a loss for where to start, what kinds of fundraisers to choose, how to set a reasonable goal, and so forth. The financial goal is definitely the first thing you need to look at, and you should set it by being honest about what your team really needs. Add it all up, and be generous with your estimate - you want to aim for something accurate, not a number that's too low because you were afraid to go for the amount you really needed.

Now that you know how much you're raising, you need a vehicle to get there. We have tons of great hockey fundraising products, you'll hardly know where to begin. We can point you in the right direction: why not have a look at our hockey team scratch cards? Scratch cards are a fantastic hockey fundraiser on so many levels. They're easy to distribute, work on a simple concept, and best of all, they have some of the highest profit levels of any fundraiser out there. They also work very well for small teams or individuals with moderate monetary goals, so if you think this may be the hockey fundraiser for you, give us a call.