The ironic thing about many school fundraisers is, your school group or club needs to make money, but often the amount of money that you would need to invest in the fundraiser itself exceeds what your group has available. This can be frustrating, and the desire to find cheap school fundraisers can have you looking all around the internet. The good news is, not only are there many ways to set up cheap school fundraisers, some fundraisers don't have any upfront investment required at all, which makes them even more suitable if you're short on cash.

If you're on a tight budget and trying to make more money to supplement what little you already have, you're probably looking for cheap school fundraisers that won't deplete your already dwindling reserves. There are several things to keep in mind when weighing up the benefits of various school fundraisers. One is the minimums and shipping costs. If you're worried about your group being very small or not having very much selling power, steer clear of school fundraisers where a high number of minimum orders is required, or where the shipping charges would cut into your profits. There are plenty of cheap school fundraisers with low or no minimums, and others where we pay the shipping costs for you. This can really help keep your expenses down.

The extreme end of cheap school fundraisers, of course, are the ones you don't have to pay for at all. If you're short or cash but not short on people, there's a whole world of brochure-based fundraisers out there, and you don't have to pay anything up front for them. Just order whichever brochure-based school fundraiser you want, and we'll send you all the brochures and order forms you need to get going. The only thing you need to pay attention to are the minimums and shipping charges, of course, because you don't want your cheap school fundraiser to start costing you money you hadn't expected